UPS To Roll Out Saturday Ground Delivery

UPS Saturday Ground Package Delivery Coming to a Home Near You

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal and covered by several other news organizations, reports that UPS is planning to roll out a new package delivery program in April that will see about 50% of the US population receiving Ground packages delivered on Saturdays.  Not only that, but UPS will also be enhancing its pick up service and package sorting operations on Saturday as well.  The package sorting operations on Saturday will surely help UPS relieve the pressure of moving packages when Monday morning rolls around.

These new services are obviously a direct result of the tremendous customer demand who “want their package now!”  And, UPS knows exactly what its customers want so it will make a major investment to implement these services as a way to continue to grow its business, but more importantly to grow it profitably.

And of course, there will be an added cost to shippers for this new Saturday Ground package delivery service, so shipper’s get ready to dig deeper into your pockets.  How much will these Saturday Ground package delivery fees cost; well that remains to be seen but rest assured we will hear what those fees will be shortly.

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UPS to begin Saturday deliveries, tests drones

We’ve all heard how UPS drivers’ routes are scheduled so they avoid making left hand turns wherever possible as a fuel saving initiative.  Saving fuel and continually looking for reductions in operating costs for UPS, as well as for all of their competitors, is an ongoing critical step in UPS’ business operations plans.

This week, UPS tested a drone delivery in a rural area of Florida, launching the drone from one of its delivery vehicles.  After the package was delivered, the drone was back in the delivery truck and the driver was on his way to make additional deliveries.  A cost cutting move, you bet, but one that is not going to be easy to implement in large numbers for any of the delivery companies due to stringent government regulations regarding air space.

Nevertheless, this is just one of the technologies that has merit and we’re sure we’ll be seeing additional drone tests and other novel delivery options in the near future.  To read the full article, click here


UPS Enhances Technologies through Supply Chain Division

UPS has a Valentine’s Day present for its UPS Supply Chain customers.  The company has enhanced a number of technologies it offers Supply Chain customers through its Supply Chain Division.  When the UPS Supply Chain customers log onto Flex Global View, they will now see enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities in the following areas:

1.  New Ocean Container Dashboard –a visibility dashboard specifically for ocean containers. Information about containers can be sorted by carrier, port of loading and unloading, shipper, receiver, etc.
2.  UPS Transportation Invoices – customers billed in the U.S. and Canada can now view an image of the UPS invoice associated with their air and ocean freight shipments
3.  Improved Dashboards and Reports – enhanced and better organized for easier search and reporting requirements

UPS is on a mission to assure its customers that the company is committed to continually upgrading its technology to better serve its customers.  That’s what partnerships should be all about.

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parcel auditing service how it works at ICC Logistics

The Three Biggest Mistakes Parcel Shippers Make!

Several key factors in today’s fast-paced business world are driving the explosive growth of online shopping.  These factors, such as millennials, (and others for that matter),desire to shop on line, rather than in physical stores; the growth of entrepreneurs starting new businesses to sell just about anything online; and manufacturers needing to sell at the wholesale as well as at the retail level.

The net result of these factors and others, is more and more companies are utilizing parcel carriers to deliver their products to the ultimate consumer.  With this growth comes a need and responsibility to clearly and thoroughly understand all of the rules, regulations, rates, shipping options and legal ramifications of dealing with the parcel industry as a whole.  Today, we’d like to explain what we believe are the Three Biggest Mistakes Parcel Shippers Make.

  1. Not Benchmarking Competing Carrier’s Rates and Services– The first mistake we believe parcel shipper’s make is not understanding all of the options available to them from the ever-growing list of parcel carrier service providers.  Time and time again we witness shippers who never step outside their comfort zone to interview, review and analyze various competing carrier services to benchmark whether they have a good deal or not.  The reality is, if a shipper does not continually benchmark their services and rates they are paying, by default, they accept the status quo and oftentimes that means paying much more for transportation services than they really need to.

Yes, we thoroughly understand that switching volumes of business from a long time preferred parcel carrier may come with some implementation pain.  However, if a parcel shipper does not test the competitive waters they may be boxing themselves into paying higher rates year after year.  Another key point to take into consideration is service level comparisons.  Oftentimes, regional parcel carriers can deliver products faster in certain lanes compared to some national carriers.  What about USPS as an alternative?  This is not your father’s Post Office any longer.

Some additional food for thought; do cable companies, home alarm companies, mobile phone service providers, and other service companies charge their longtime customers more for services than they charge their new customers?  You bet they do and unless a parcel shipper analyzes all of the options available to them on an on-going basis, they will probably pay more year after year as well.  If a parcel carrier feels they have a “lock” on a shippers business, (primarily because the shipper has never utilized a bid process to evaluate the benefits of competing carriers), what incentive would that carrier have to publish lower rates?  That’s correct, absolutely none.  The fact is the incumbent carrier may turn out to be the best choice for a particular shipper, but unless that shipper benchmarks services and rates of competing carriers, they will never ever really be sure.

  1. Read The Fine Print, and More– Most parcel carriers provide their shipper customers with a pricing agreement or contract which outlines the various services to be provided and the associated rates and charges they have agreed to assess for those services.  Warning to parcel shippers!  Don’t just sign the agreement without reading it thoroughly to make sure all of the terms and conditions are EXACTLY as you and the carrier agreed to.  Here are several questions we would ask every parcel shipper who has recently negotiated a new pricing agreement or re-negotiated a contract with a parcel carrier.
  • Did you agree to a Guaranteed Service Refund Waiver with your parcel carrier sales representative?  No, then why is it now in your contract?
  • What Dimensional Weight Divisor did you and the parcel carrier agree would be published?  Is that the Divisor that is now published in your new contract?
  • Do you understand that many parcel carriers make their contracts subject to provisions of a service guide that is not a physical part of the transportation contract you are signing?
  • Do you know the parcel carriers can change the provisions of those service guides at will and do not need to specifically notify each and every one of the customers when they do?
  • Parcel carriers typically provide differing pricing incentives for various service levels, are you sure all of the discounts and incentives have in fact been published exactly as you and the parcel carrier agreed to in your negotiation sessions

Why ask these questions?  Precisely because for some parcel shippers these exact issues have arisen and many of these companies never identified them until it was too late; so our advice to all parcel and freight shippers for that matter is; Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware!

And, one final point, a very important point; we strongly recommend that each and every parcel carrier contract, or any transportation or logistics services contract for that matter, should be reviewed by a                 qualified Transportation Attorney, before any of those contracts are signed.

  1. Continually Audit Parcel Carrier Invoices– Once the contract has been signed, all parcel shippers should ensure they have a qualified third party audit firm auditing each and every invoice to make sure the rates being charged are the rates the shipper agreed to in its pricing agreement or contract.  The auditors will also be able to file for refunds for Guaranteed Late Delivered packages, as long as the shipper has not waived their right to file such claims.

Parcel Audit firms also provide on-line access to their client’s pertinent shipping data and can even report results based on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) their shipper customers agree to.  They also provide continuous and meaningful reports on a variety of different metrics so the parcel shipper always has their finger on the pulse of what’s going on with their parcel shipping expenses.  We’ve all heard the statement, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and unless your firm has the technical expertise to generate this critical shipping data in-house, outsourced parcel audit firms have all the reporting power a parcel shipper would ever need.


Recent Report Says UPS Is Lowering Its 2014 Earnings

UPS cites under-performing U.S. market as reason for lowered earnings expectation ahead of its February 3rd fourth quarter report. The company says “higher than expected peak-related expenses” negatively impacted operating profits.

“Transportation and logistics bellwether UPS announced that it expects 2014 earnings to come in below its previously stated guidance.”
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Big Surge In Post-Holiday Deliveries On National Returns Day

Today is National Returns Day!

According to Supply Chain 247, a “tsunami of returns” is occurring as a result of more than 800,000 returns consumers have sent back since the Holidays ended.

“By the end of this week, UPS expects to have handled four million return packages across the U.S.”

Is UPS ready this year?

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