Podcast 2: Reducing Shipping Costs Without Changing Carriers and The Free Shipping Trend


This episode of Logistics Strategies Radio features an interview with ICC logistics Founder, logistics industry expert, and educator Anthony Nuzio, along with Laura Schwier, logistics consultant.

Anthony and Laura will be discussing the latest craze in online shopping: “free” shipping, as well as the role ICC logistics has played in decreasing specific shipping costs for any business, domestic or international.

Tune in to hear our experts discuss:

  • How you don’t need to switch carriers to start saving. ICC’s Laura Schwier states “You can use the exact carriers you are using now, we just help you get a better deal.”
  • The secret behind “free” shipping and how consumers are still paying the costs.
  • How to cut your own shipping costs; offer free shipping to your clients without increasing their costs; and, increase sales for your business.
  • How the logistics industry can benefit manufacturers, retailers and even service businesses.
  • How a long term relationship between freight carriers and clients can benefit both parties.
  • How ICC logistics saved a Multinational Corporation $3.4 Million in net savings and negotiated them a “Best In Class contact.”

Podcast One: Interview with Anthony Nuzio, Logistics Industry Expert – Logistics Strategies Radio


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Welcome to ICC’s first Podcast.

From Logistics Strategies Radio we will be providing you with logistics related news, commentary and the latest trends in the logistics and supply chain management industry. Stay tuned for future posts.On this first episode:

Listen to an interview of Anthony Nuzio, logistics industry expert, educator and founder of ICC Logistics Services.

This episode covers topics such as:

  • How has the logistics industry changed over the years? Tony discusses how regulations have changed over time and how pricing models have changed.
  • UPS and FedEx dimensional weight pricing (DIM Weight) / how it is calculated / why it is used / the impact of decreases in dimensional weight factors by UPS and FedEx
  • How to mitigate the impact of DIM Weight based charges
  • How packaging impacts shipping costs
  • How to learn more about changes coming down the pipeline


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