ICC Podcast 8: ICC Success Stories With Their Clients


This episode of Logistics Strategies Radio features an interview with ICC Logistics Founder, President and Logistics Industry Expert, Anthony Nuzio, and ICC Logistics Services Executive Vice President, logistics expert, and assistant editor of the publication “Logistics Strategies”.  Laura Schwier.  Anthony and Laura will be discussing the beginnings of ICC, share some particular success stories and client examples, and inform us on how ICC has evolved over the past 40 years.

Tune in to hear about how ICC, performing a post audit for a small manufacturer, initially saved the company $100 and then became the primary auditor for a multi-million dollar global corporation, which was the largest manufacturer of paper and plastic at that time.

The episode also sheds light on how ICC began an audit process for a human tissue medical manufacturer that had worked with a parcel carrier for 15 years and had never audited their bills. ICC saved them thousands of dollars a week, for over six months, until the carrier eventually denied claims due to a provision in their contract. Now ICC is performing an accumulated summary for the past one and a half years, of up to $147,000 in denied claims, to use as leverage when negotiating new contracts with this carrier.

This episode also features ICC success stories from working with small manufacturers to billion dollar corporations. In the end all business share similar concerns about shipping expenses, since shipping is often the second largest expense after labor.

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ICC Podcast 7: ICC’s Tailored Solutions Software Helps Clients Audit And Analyze Bills


Tune in to this episode of Logistics Strategies Radio to hear an interview with Laura Schwier, ICC Logistics Services Executive Vice President, logistics expert, and assistant editor of the publication “Logistics Strategies”. Laura Schwier has aided in the creation of a software which has led to big benefits and added value to ICC Clients. Laura Schwier will be discussing ICC’s “Tailored Solutions” which is a multi-faceted personalized analysis tool which studies rates given by carriers in order to find discounts.

This episode gives a more detailed account of the following topics:
• How “Tailored Solutions” can give you the best rates on a large scale for all different modes of transport.

• How ICC’s constant monitoring of the ever changing logistics industry makes ICC’s discount savings an ongoing process and not just a one-time offer.

• How ICC took a small company with profits under $100,000 and increased their savings 37% on their parcel shipping.

• How important it is to get accurate data from shippers, and how inaccurate data can end up costing your company more money.

• How ICC’s detailed analysis and research of misrepresented data increased a company’s savings from $30,000 to $100,000 by finding accurate data.

• The secret behind discounts and offers from carriers, and how they offer services you may not need.

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Podcast Six: How ICC Audited A Client’s Parcel Shipments And Identified Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Savings


On this episode of Logistics Strategies Radio, Oliver Nodjoumi, Vice President Client Services at ICC, discusses a case study of how ICC Logistic Services helped a company save a staggering amount of money on shipping and logistics.

ICC Logistics services performed a work audit on parcel shipments of a fairly large global manufacturing company that spends about 8 million a year. Using an electronic audit for half a year on approximately $3.6 million dollars of spend, ICC was initially able to save the company $8,400 in recoveries.

After digging deeper into the contract, and running a separate report to find potential hidden savings, ICC found a staggering $500,000 in audit savings, and an additional $200,000 in savings from small mistakes such as address corrections.

ICC also discovered that having a guaranteed service refund waiver in the contract with the carrier is not always cost beneficial. This service waiver gives the shipper a certain discount of annual rates to forfeit their rights to submit claims for late deliveries, which happens to be the biggest service refund available. If this guarantee was not in this particular client’s contract, the parcel audit performed by ICC could have saved this client over $270,000 in the original six month period as opposed to $8,400.

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Podcast Five: A Look At The Logistics Industry And What Is Causing A Rise In Domestic Trucking Rates


On this episode of Logistics Strategies Radio, Tony Nuzio, President of ICC Logistic Services, a renowned logistics consultant firm, discusses the rise of domestic trucking rates. Tony takes a close look at exactly what is happening in the logistics industry, what is causing the rise of domestic trucking / freight rates, and what we can do as shippers to keep our shipping costs down.

Tune in to hear the main reasons domestic trucking rates have risen and some solutions such as:

• There is a critical shortage of drivers in the domestic truck driving industry.
• The large size of distribution networks keeps drivers on the road for 7-10 days.
• The growth in the economy leads to a tighter capacity on trucks and subsequent increased rates.
• There has been a change in how commodities get priced in the trucking industry.
• Shippers are using carriers that do not meet their business model’s needs.
• Shippers do not differentiate between services they want and services they need.
• Shippers are not benchmarking their rates to those rates which are available to them.

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Tony Nuzio Radio Appearance

Tony Nuzio Radio Broadcast on ‘Business Profits In the Real World’ With Michael Kessler, CPA

In this radio interview, ICC’s Founder and CEO Tony Nuzio sheds light on how the top 10% of businesses avoid profit leaks. Tony discusses how to improve profitability by managing shipping and logistics programs, negotiating better rates and optimizing shipping systems. Tony also explains the importance of understanding Client’s businesses, ‘managing what you can measure,’ and how to avoid common mistakes.

Listen to the radio show here.

Originally Aired: 8/15 4pm on 103.9FM and it was simulcast on-line at

Host: Michael Kessler


Podcast Three: Published Rates and How You Can Start Saving Money By Negotiating Discounts On Your Rates


This episode of Logistics Strategies Radio features an interview with Laura Schwier discussing “published rates” and how you can recover profits. Laura Schwier is Executive Vice President of ICC Logistics Services, a logistics industry expert, and the assistant editor of the publication “Logistics Strategies.”

Many shippers are under the impression that published rates offered by carriers are nonnegotiable. In reality published rates don’t have to be the rate that you actually pay. In this podcast, Laura explains that published rates are just base rates all discounts apply against, and how ICC Logistics can help negotiate these rates and increase savings for your business’ bottom line.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about:
• How ICC helps empower clients to understand that they don’t have to pay what is offered (“published”) by the carrier.

• How to go about the process of negotiating published rates, and reducing the carrier’s margins.

• How ICC Logistics saved an electronics retailer an additional $1.5 million on top of the $1 million savings offered by the carrier in the published rate ($2.5 million total savings from the published rate).

• Where the savings come from (published rates vs. what you will pay after you negotiate a better rate).

• How important it is to dig down into the details of the data so that you know exactly where all of the discounts need to be increased.

• How important it is to give deadlines to carriers and how it can increase your business’ savings sooner.

• How you can not only save your business money directly by decreasing the rates you pay, but also get your business extended payment terms and a multiyear contract so that you do not have to keep coming back to the bargaining table.

• How a company can increase their bottom line without increasing sales or making changes internally.

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