ICC Videos

Learn about ICC and meet our executive team!

Check out our latest video featuring Tony Nuzio and Laura Schwier. Learn about what sets ICC apart from the competition and how easy it is to work with us and find the money you never knew was missing!

Watch Our General Services Video – What We Do & Our Process For Saving You

Imagine getting up to 40% of your annual logistics spend back on your bottom line! How ICC Logistics Services, Inc. maximizes transportation and logistics operations for businesses like yours.


Reducing FedEx and UPS Shipping Expenses

Find out how to catch 99.8% of all billing errors without any upfront or out-of-pocket expenses on your part.


Learn From History: How To Streamline Your Logistics Process And Get The Best Possible Rates

The transportation and logistics industry has evolved significantly over the last century. Leverage your relationships and shipping volume to your advantage so that your company can negotiate better rates on all modes of transportation.


Parcel Auditing: How It Works

How parcel auditing of all carrier invoices will protect you from excessive costs that you should not be paying.


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