5 Year Agreement Ratified by ILWU: Are West Coast Ports In The Clear?

On Friday, May 22, 2015, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (the union that represents dockworkers) “voted overwhelmingly to approve a new contract.” According to joc(dot)com, “82 percent of the rank-and-file votes were cast in favor of the contract.”

An article in the Seattle Times brought up the issue of ‘confidence’ now that the official dispute is over.

When will confidence and trust be restored?

Will some shippers still divert shipments to the East Coast or to expanded canals such as in Panama? Will other ports vying for United States business successfully gain new business? Or, will the status quo resume?

Read more the details of this breaking news here:






Slowing Growth in U.S. Freight Shipments?

According to joc(dot)com, the Cass Freight Index shows that United States freight shipments increased only .3% this March 2015.
Reasons cited:

• Economic slowdown
• U.S. West Coast Ports port backups
• ‘Late’ Chinese New Year
• Soft Railroad Car volumes

The article does a good job expounding on each of the drivers of this marked change in the Cass Freight Index.

Are there any additional reasons the Index may have changed? You can read the original article here:


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