Amazon Renewable Energy

Amazon and 100% Renewable Energy: Will This Really Happen?

It looks like Amazon has had a major shift in sustainability strategy with its recent announcement of a commitment to 100% renewable energy for its cloud computing division. Read more here…

Target Shipping

Target Announces Free Shipping During Holidays

But is anything really “free?” Tom Caporaso of PARCEL examines the whys behind the promotion and what that means for consumers. Read More…


New Crisis At West Coast Ports: Contract Negotiations Have Ceased

A new crisis has emerged at 29 West Coast Ports. According to, “three weeks after initiating a coordinated series of slowdowns that have mired the major West Coast ports of Tacoma, Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach, the ILWU has pushed away from the bargaining table.”

The article reports that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has ceased contract negotiations for the next 12 days (starting today through the end of the Thanksgiving weekend).

How will this all be resolved?

Full Article:

USPS Delivery

USPS Delivery Takes on FedEx with a 7-Day a Week Delivery During the Holiday Season

USPS Delivery

USPS Delivery (Courtesy of

The United States Postal Service is hoping to deliver more than just holiday cheer this year. The struggling delivery service is hoping delivery seven days a week, including delivery on Christmas day, will help them compete with parcel giants UPS and FedEx.

Read more about the extended USPS delivery services here at: Do you think this new strategy will help USPS recover from losses for the last several years?

Disruption at West Coast Ports

West Coast Ports Risk Disruption by Thanksgiving

Disruption at West Coast Ports

Is Disruption at West Coast Ports Imminent? (photo

Could there be a West Coast port dockworker strike or lockout in the near future?

Shippers are worried and we don’t blame them. There has already been a slowdown and if the ports are disrupted, what does this mean for shipping this holiday season?

Read more about the slowdown and possible lockdown at:

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