Can Tesla’s New Semi-Truck Pave the Way for an Entire Industry?

The commercial trucking industry is integral to our daily lives.  In the United States approximately 70% of all freight is moved by commercial trucks; the figures are higher for food, agricultural and pharmaceutical products. Essentially, nearly everything you come in contact with on a daily basis has at some point, been on a commercial truck.

Interestingly enough, these goods/products are moved across the country by trucks that have gone virtually unchanged for nearly 50 years; what has changed is the technology utilized to organize and move goods more efficiently.  The core problem for the commercial trucking industry remains that freight is moved by energy/fuel that may not be available or will become too expensive in the near future.

This is where Tesla comes in.

Tesla has been breaking barriers in the automotive industry with the success of their fully electric fleet of vehicles for consumers.  Now Tesla is going to try to change the hearts and minds of the commercial trucking industry with the unveiling of their fully electric Semi-Truck come September, 2017.

Manufacturers for the commercial trucking industry today seem more worried about driver shortages than what their trucks will run on in the next 5 to 10 years.  But they need to also be concerned about fuel prices and that’s where Tesla has the answer.

As electric vehicle technologies become more common and less expensive, trucking companies will quickly see the benefit of operating those vehicles over fossil fuel.  The cost of electricity will also be managed with companies creating their own electricity through solar, wind, water, etc.  Not to mention the significant federal and state tax credits that these vehicles will allow companies to apply for.

Tesla is the ONLY Company to successfully bring to market a fully electric and non-polluting vehicle fleet and the same will be true with their new semi-truck.

The trucking industry in the US alone operates over 15 million gasoline powered vehicles and economists are predicting that this ‘cheap gas phase’ we have had for the last two years is going to be short lived.  Fuel prices are expected to increase by 75% by 2020 and the cost for charging electric vehicles will be significantly less than it is today.

One thing is for sure, significant change in the commercial trucking industry is coming.  Whether it is using other forms of alternative fuel rather than electric; the fact remains that in our lifetime gasoline and diesel will be a thing of the past because it simply is inefficient and costs too much.


Do High Efficiency Vessels Have A Competitive Advantage?

Have you ever thought about the amount of fuel and energy consumption necessary to move shipping cargo around the world? Some big companies have increasingly scrutinized the “energy efficiency of cargo and container ships,” according to a new article on greenbiz(dot)com.

In fact, more and more attention is being given to a ship’s efficiency rankings by companies such as Agricultural businesses, who are concerned with fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, to name a few.

Interestingly, while the ethics and benefits of energy efficiency are quite clear, it is the financial argument that carries a great deal of weight in this case. That is because a high efficiency vessel that consumes less energy is argued to have a cost advantage that can make it more marketable.

Energy efficient ships also last longer than energy inefficient ships, according to the article. As well, “KfW IPEX-Bank estimates that the most efficient vessels use 30 percent less bunker fuels than similar ones that haven’t been optimized for those considerations.” Sustainability, in this case, is not just a good idea for the environment; it is sound business practice that has financial advantages.

Will efficiency ratings become a consideration in all sectors in the future? What do you see trending?

Read the full, original article here: http://bit.ly/1K9n9VY

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