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International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council (IFTLC) 56th Annual Conference

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— Daniel Pronovost of Sears Canada will Keynote–

Brooklyn, Michigan, March 2016—The International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council (IFTLC) will hold its annual conference on May 10th through 13th at the Lago Mar Resort and Beach Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. One of the most anticipated events in the furniture transportation industry, the conference is attended by hundreds of leading furniture manufacturing, retail, transportation, and logistics executives from around the world. This year’s keynote address will be presented by Daniel Pronovost, Director, Home Delivery Operations of Sears Canada,Inc.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Pronovost is a progressive executive within in the customer service, operations, sales, retail, and logistics industries. In addition to Sears Canada, he has held high level management positions in established home appliance and furniture businesses including Appliance Canada, Corbeil, Wise Buy Home, and Hudson’s Bay Company.

Additional presenters at the conference include:

  • Patrick Cory, CEO, Cory Home Delivery
  • Ray Kuntz, Chairman/CEO, Watkins & Shepard
  • Greg Ritter, Chief Customer Officer, XPO
  • Bruce Tompkins, Partner and Executive Director, Supply Chain Consortium, Tompkins International

Other events include two panel sessions with industry experts in the fields of transportation and logistics, and an open form discussion. The Home Delivery Session will be moderated by Peter Ross, Director of Logistics at Z. Gallery, and will feature a panel of manufacturers, retailers, and carriers discussing key issues, plus new regulations and innovations impacting home delivery. The Importing Session will be moderated by Jeff Sears, International Traffic Manager of Art Van Furniture, and will feature a panel of industry experts discussing current issues affecting the transportation of ocean freight. The Open Form Discussion will provide attendees the opportunity to bring up topics to review with the speakers and the group in a no-holds-barred forum.

The program will also include several activities geared toward both conference attendees and their guests, many which are free of charge for the guests.

For a full list of speakers and conference events, please visit: www.iftlc.org.

For more information on the conference or to register, please visit www.iftlc.org or email Russ Matthews at Russ111@comcast.net. Registration rate is $645 for members and $745 for non-members. Discounts are available for non-member attendees that sign up for membership at the time of registration.


IFTLC’s mission is to act as a resource to those in transportation and logistics functions in order to help them become more engaged, knowledgeable and effective at their jobs.  The organization also publishes a monthly newsletter to help members stay abreast of industry trends, latest legislation, events, and much more.  The organization holds a much-anticipated annual conference where all the segments of the logistics industry (retail stores, manufacturers, e-tailers and transportation companies) meet together to share ideas and gain important knowledge on industry topics. www.iftlc.org

Anthony Nuzio Jr ICC Logistics CCO

The Role Of The CCO (Chief Client Officer), And What It Means For You

Whether you are a valued client, a trusted strategic partner or simply someone looking for information on how to save on your logistics expenditures, you will benefit from my new role of Chief Client Officer.  Allow me to introduce myself. I am Anthony Nuzio, Jr. the new CCO here at ICC Logistics. Yes, I am the son of ICC’s founder, Tony Nuzio.  ICC is a family owned and operated business that has been providing its clients with the support and services to reduce rising shipping costs for the past 40 plus years.  I spent the early part of my career at ICC as an Auditor and Analyst and now I’m proud to be back on the team after 12 years working in client relations for Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines.   ICC’s goal has always been to create an environment of transparency where you feel comfortable with the level of work we are doing for you and where you never have to question the reason you came to ICC in the first place.

In my new role, you will now have the opportunity to connect with another person looking out for your needs, a listening ear, a helpful hand, getting you to the right place, with the right team members and helping you get the answers you need, when you need them.

My background in client relations didn’t come by accident. It happens to be what I’m good at. It’s what I do, and quite frankly, it’s part of my DNA.

You see, simply, I like people. I like to talk to people, but most importantly, I love to listen. It’s who I am.

Listening is how you know your customer.

I want to hear from you. I want to know things like…

Are we doing everything we said we would do when you signed on the dotted line?

Are you getting the most out of your relationship with ICC?

Are you fully aware of the vast array of services ICC can offer you?

Most importantly… Are you 100% satisfied with the relationship between you, your company and ICC? If the answer is no, let’s talk about getting that satisfaction rating to 100%.

Our commitment to you is our best asset. You see, as a family business, You, our customer, our partner—you are part of our family.  So let’s get to know each other…

You’ll be hearing from me soon and as always, feel free to contact me at the number or email below.

Cheers to your continued success!

Anthony Nuzio, Jr., Chief Client Officer
Email:  anuzio@icclogistics.com
Phone: (910) 274 2564


ICC Congratulates Tompkins International for Receiving the Top Supply Chain Consulting Firm Award

ICC is proud to partner with these fine folks. Congratulations Tompkins International!

Gartner recently released their report Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy & Operations Consulting naming Tompkins International as a top supply chain consulting firm.

View Link: http://bit.ly/21zWzCy

Tony Nuzio, ICC Logistics

Tony Nuzio, CEO of ICC Logistics, Featured In January 2016 TransDigest Article About UPS’ New Fee, “Third Party Billing Service”

trans-digestAn article about UPS’ “Third Party Billing Service” was just published in the January 2016 issue of TransDigest on Page 9. Written by ICC’s own Tony Nuzio, the article clarifies what shippers need to know about the new fee, which many shippers will begin to see on their weekly UPS invoices.

Tony suggests that, after reading the TransDigest article, shippers “take a close look at their weekly UPS invoices to evaluate and determine exactly what the total impact of this new fee will be on their business.” He also suggests that “shippers should make sure before they attempt to make a Third Party billed shipment via UPS in 2016 and beyond, that the intended payer of the freight charges does in fact have a valid account with UPS, or stand the risk of receiving chargebacks from UPS.”

A PDF of the article can be accessed and downloaded here: TransDigest, January 2016


ICC’s CEO Tony Nuzio Featured In Newsday Article About UPS, FedEx and USPS Rate Hikes

It’s Triple Trouble for business owners in 2016. UPS, FedEx, and now USPS are at it again, bumping up shipping prices. While FedEx and UPS rates are reportedly up 4.9% this year, many shippers relying on USPS have seen rates soar to an average of 9.8% recently.

The net effect? Business owners are left with more questions than answers about how they will stay competitive this year and still meet customer’s expectations for inexpensive shipping.

Yesterday, ICC’s own CEO Tony Nuzio had the opportunity to weigh in on the issue in a Newsday interview with columnist Jamie Herzlich.

According to Nuzio, “The impact of the three major players increasing their rates is going to play havoc on businesses’ freight budgets.” “Businesses really need to understand what their shipping costs are, because it’s going to be taking a larger bite out of their sales dollar.”

Tony offered some helpful insights on how to ship smarter. He suggests that beyond renegotiating rates and terms, business owners should understand when the customer needs a shipment and then select the service that will get it there at the most reasonable price. “Don’t pay for Services that you don’t need.” He noted that many business owners pay a Premium when they could be saving with a different Service.

For the full article and all of Tony’s comments, go to:


Special thanks to Jamie Herzlich, who included Tony in her article.

Tony Nuzio, ICC Logistics

ICC’s Tony Nuzio Interviewed and Published In InternetRetailer.Com Article About Last-Minute Holiday Deliveries

Were Holiday deliveries on time or late this year?

In this article, published on internetretailer(dot)com on Dec. 23rd, our very own CEO, Tony Nuzio, weighs in on the impact that bad weather can have during peak Holiday delivery timeframes.

Check out the full article here:


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