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ICC is proud to be SmartCEO’s 2016 Family Business Award Honoree!

ICC is pleased to announce we have been chosen by SmartCEO as a 2016 Family Business Award Honoree.  Since 1975, ICC has been family-owned and operated.

Our founder and CEO Tony Nuzio is a second generation transportation industry professional and has helped to grow ICC over 40 years with the help of three generations of family members.  ICC is committed to continuing to support our clients in helping hundreds of companies throughout the US gain control over significantly rising freight and logistics costs.

We look forward to the next 40 years and countless more generations working together to support our clients to identify and erase inefficiencies in their transportation and logistics processes.

For more information on the award or to attend the awards gala, please visit http://www.smartceo.com/awards-programs/new-york-family-business-awards/

 Thursday, September 22, 2016
TIME: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
225 Liberty St., New York, NY 10005
ATTIRE: Business

Learn more about the event and our fellow honorees here

Tony Nuzio, ICC Logistics

Tony Nuzio, CEO of ICC Logistics, Featured In June 2016 TransDigest Article About “Damaged Shipments: What you need to know”

TransdigestAn article entitled, “Damaged Shipments: What you need to know” was just published in the June 2016 issue of TransDigest on Page 13. Written by ICC’s own Tony Nuzio, the article is based on ICC’s 7 step process for ensuring claims are settled properly and promptly.  Among the advice is knowing the importance of ease of scheduling an inspection of damaged goods, debunking the “15 day rule”, and differences in types of damages and how to approach them.  The article is chock-full of useful information and a must-read for any shipper, big or small.
A PDF of the article can be accessed and downloaded here: TransDigest, June 2016

ICC Independence Day Announcement


Tony Nuzio, ICC Logistics

ICC’s Tony Nuzio Explains Tactics That Shippers Can Use To Lower Their Freight Bills In Recent Article

In an article on chiefexecutive(dot)net, ICC’s own Tony Nuzio explains how  shippers can ‘vary your logistics costs downward’ and that logistics costs are variable, not fixed.

Tony shares 7 tactics that have helped Clients reduce freight and shipping costs for over four decades, including:

  1. Eliminate supply-chain bottlenecks.
  2. Price out your logistics choices.
  3. Create shipping alliances.
  4. Consolidate service providers.
  5. Cut back on redundant insurance coverage.
  6. Audit your freight bills regularly and carefully.
  7. Continually upgrade your software systems.

For the full details, please read the full article here: http://chiefexecutive.net/7-ways-to-lower-your-logistics-costs/

Need Help Reducing Shipping Costs?

Request our free whitepaper on negotiating your shipping contracts here: http://icclogistics.com/whitepaper/

Anthony Nuzio Jr ICC Logistics CCO

The Customer Experience Through the Eyes of a CCO

As a Chief Client Officer, I’m acutely aware of the customer experience.  It is my job after all, to make sure my clients are getting top level service and support.  So,  from minute one of any interaction with a company, I am watching how they interact with me, the customer and what I can ultimately learn from my experience and bring back to ICC and implement.

When I see a company that goes out of their way to make me feel appreciated, I pay attention and take notice.  One such experience I’d like to share with my readers.

I recently joined o2 Fitness, a chain based mainly in the South Eastern region of the United States.

Upon joining, I immediately received a call from a personal trainer asking me to meet to discuss what my goals were, evaluate my ambitions when it comes to my health and to ask how they can help me achieve these goals.  They walked me through every aspect of the gym experience, all the while showing excitement and pride in their brand.

Even though I consider myself a seasoned gym goer, I truly felt like I had made the right decision. Not an easy feat when you just signed a year’s contract, right?

No buyer’s remorse. Why you ask?  Because, they convinced me that I made the right decision!

They immediately showed me what I call, my 3 C’s of customer service:  Compassion, Commitment & Comradery.

When we seek a new business relationship, we seek compassion.  We need to be assured that our partner is conscious to our needs and is willing to work with us to achieve a common goal.

We seek a committed partner, someone who will work tirelessly to achieve those goals.

We seek camaraderie, a feeling of inclusiveness, of being one part of a whole of this new business relationship.

I know that if we apply the 3 C’s of customer service to every client, just as o2 did for me recently, we can make sure each and every client is thrilled that they signed on the dotted line.

Anthony Nuzio, Jr., Chief Client Officer
Email:  anuzio@icclogistics.com
Phone: (910) 274 2564

Anthony Nuzio Jr ICC Logistics CCO

My Top Tip for Creating Authentic Business Relationships

As a Chief Client Officer, I often wonder, who is it that my clients see when they see me, listen to me, or talk to me about their business challenges? We often don’t think about how our customers see us, we are too preoccupied with the task at hand, keeping the client happy, doing the job.

But creating real, authentic relationships with your clients and strategic partners is about creating strong bonds.   Very often, our experiences with other customer service professionals are unpleasant.  We notice a level of insincerity, and we don’t “know” them…so how can we trust them?

In turn, we probably question the relationship.   If our customer service professionals can’t be sincere and transparent with whom they are as a person, why would I want to listen?  Why would I trust them?  Am I truly comfortable?

I would venture to surmise that these people, in everyday life, are fun loving, outgoing people, who are well liked and command respect and attention.

It’s when they get in front of their client where their personality changes.  They become someone else.

It’s as if they tuck their true self away in a pocket, and another person comes out. They talk to the customer through a robotic, by-the-book version of an old fashioned, outdated business etiquette handbook.

To remedy that, my top tip is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

You see, I believe that the best relationships with clients often happen when you can just be yourself. When you feel comfortable with clients, they feel comfortable with you.

“To thine own self be true” was Polonius’ advice on how to be successful, and being true to yourself is how you connect, truly connect, with your clients.

Here’s my advice.  No matter what, don’t be like those “so called” customer service professionals with a split personality. When you hide your personality, you’re hiding your most valuable asset. YOU!

Anthony Nuzio, Jr., Chief Client Officer
Email:  anuzio@icclogistics.com
Phone: (910) 274 2564

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