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Bloomberg: Amazon Testing Rival to FedEx/UPS

Some folks were surprised when Bloomberg News and other news sources reported yesterday that Amazon was experimenting with their own delivery network which could come at the expense of their current business partners UPS and FedEx.  The reality is that Amazon’s move into establishing their own delivery network has been in the works for years […]

Can Tesla’s New Semi-Truck Pave the Way for an Entire Industry?

The commercial trucking industry is integral to our daily lives.  In the United States approximately 70% of all freight is moved by commercial trucks; the figures are higher for food, agricultural and pharmaceutical products. Essentially, nearly everything you come in contact with on a daily basis has at some point, been on a commercial truck. Interestingly […]

Grocery Giants Feeling Pinch of Online Grocery Sales

Ever heard the expression, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”  Well that’s exactly what is happening at large grocery firms, Wal-Mart, Kroger and Meijers.  Each of these grocery giants are feeling the pinch of the large dollar volume of on-line grocery sales that is currently “owned” by Amazon; and they’re “not going to take […]

UPS to begin Saturday deliveries, tests drones

We’ve all heard how UPS drivers’ routes are scheduled so they avoid making left hand turns wherever possible as a fuel saving initiative.  Saving fuel and continually looking for reductions in operating costs for UPS, as well as for all of their competitors, is an ongoing critical step in UPS’ business operations plans. This week, […]

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